Growth Tips For Your Counselling Business

At Counsellor-Web our focus is on helping you to grow your counselling business.
Read our growth tips, below, for ideas on how to increase your client base and get more appointments.

How do you take your business to the next level?

You've got the skills and qualifications, you've got a core set of clients that your helping, things are going well, now you just need to grow the business and client base. That's where we can help. CounsellorWeb can assist with developing your growth strategy. Digital marketing and curating your online presence can be complex and sometimes confusing. Below are some broad ideas that you can use in your planning.
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Work out where your potential clients are:

The first step in putting together a marketing plan is working out where your new clients are (likely to be). Where have your existing clients come from? An advert in a local paper or business directory?, Referrals from a particular person or business?, Web searches with a particular term or keyword?
When you know where they are, you can plan for how to get your name in front of them.

Work out what your potential clients want:

Not all clients are looking for a general counselling service, some or attracted by a particular specialization, or specific experience that the counsellor has that they can related to, or that they feel may benefit their engagement with the counsellor.

Work out how to get in front of your potential clients:

When you know where your potential clients are, and what they want from a counselling engagement, you can start thinking about how to advertise your services to them. Maybe that is an informational leaflet, maybe it's a short presentation at a local support group, it could even be an article on your website that discusses a topic of interest to them.

Measure your success

A marketing plan is not a single thing, you should think about it as a constantly changing and evolving set of experiments. Some of those will be successful, some less so. The key is to make sure you can tell how well each experiment is working. This can be as simple as asking how they heard of you, or something more complex like a 5% discount with a particular code - each experiment has a different code, so you can tell which ones are working.

Become a 'trusted advisor'

There will likely be many options that a potential client can choose from. You have to stand out from the rest. You want to be viewed as the 'trusted advisor'. You want to give them confidence in you. A great way of doing that is to be an 'authority' on a topic, maybe write an informative article on a particular topic for the local paper, or post it to your website.

Think about how a client chooses a counsellor

Counselling is a private affair, so word of mouth recommendations are limited. Many clients will be choosing a counsellor for the first time based on limited knowledge of the process. Almost everyone has a website, and a search of local counsellors takes but a few seconds. Qualifications, experience, proximity, relatability, how your website looks, and cost are likely to be the key drivers. You need to find a way to stand out.

How can clients contact you

Many prospective clients, looking for a Counsellor, will have questions. How do you make it easy for them to contact you, and set their expectations as to what timescale they'll get a response in. Bear in mind that it's very easy for a client to move on and contact the next Counsellor on their list if they don't get a timely response, so multiples ways to contact you are needed - phone, email, website contact form and possiblly others such as instant messaging.

Who could you partner with

You may not always be available at the time the client requests, and if there's no suitable time you can schedule then you will want to pass them on to a trusted 'colleague' rather than let them just continue their search on their own (and they'll thank you for the recommendation). It is always helpful to get a reciprocal agreement in place with another Counsellor that you trust, and know does good work. This could be as simple as an agreement, or a little more formal with a small referral fee for each client referred that engages with them. Offering a small referral fee is also a great avenue to get new client yourself from other Counsellors.

Food for thought.

Hopefully these tips have given you some ideas to work with when planning the growth of your business. One or more of these could be the key to the breakthrough you've been looking for. We hope you found them useful.
If you are looking for a friendly partner to help with these activities, please contact us.

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